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Our goal

  • To supply handling and lifting solutions worldwide
  • Supply customers qualified equipment.
  • Customer service exceed your expection.

Our mission

Creating a better working environment.

Your Reliable Partner


Xiamen Hard Industry is the leading manufacturer of lifting solution. We have wide product range including mini cranes, glass vacuum lifters, bag lifters, carton vacuum lifter , mobile cranes and mobile tube lifter.We have different glass assembly cranes for glass plates can quickly move to the position you want.

The glass suction cups is used widely on the construction site. And the vacuum suction cups provides solutions for safe transport. The smallest vacuum pump or complex glass suction cup lift systems applying the modern technology truely make you effortlessly.Any projects please just call us or email our experienced sales engineer,we are your reliable partner.

Showing the information of the application, we will find the exact product you want. We do believe our vacuum lifter will make your work easy and fast,save energy much.

Vacuum Lifting Equipment Expert

The lifting device is customized according to customer working site. Please contact our sales engineer to discuss together of your special needs.You will get a satisfied lifter.

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Once we discuss all the special details, your desired vacuum lifter will shipped within 20 days.If have stock then just 7 days.

Quality Control

All parts of vacuum lifting machine are under one roof.We testing the machine before shipping.

Global Support

We export globally.We provide on line support when you meet any problem, please come to us for help.

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