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Tube vacuum lifter for metal sheet/glass

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How to use sheet metal glass vacuum lifters to lift?

(To lift glass, sheet metal ,marble ,flat and smooth board ,timber ,chipboard ,MDF sheet ,wood board ,wooden panel, wooden plank ,wood block ,wooden board ,plywood )

  • Start-up Vacuum Hoist
    The suction and letting slip valve of the machine controls the absorption and release of the goods. When absorb and move goods, it is necessary to keep the hand sliding valve in the suction state all the time. Pay attention to the speed ,operate slowly when rotation and flip. Other actions can use switch.
  • Positioning of the suction hoist
    Control the movement of lifting equipment, so that suction cup would stay close to the glass surface, when suction cup and glass surface fully fit together.
  • Glass adsorption
    Push the operation handle on the hand-operated sliding valve, till suction cup and vacuum system is connected, suction hoist automatically adsorb glass. Vacuum pressure gauge will show the vacuum degree (pressure), when the pressure gauge shows up to 60% ,then vacuum ( -0.6kg/f),transportation can be performed,
  • Glass Lifting/Discharge handling
  • Control the electric hoist to carry the plate to the discharge position.
  • Glass Release
  • Pull back the manual sliding valve on the operating handle so that each sucker is connected to the atmosphere, the vacuum pressure between the suction cup and the glass surface disappearing, then the glass is separated from the suction cup.

When operate the hoist you must make sure no people standing under suspended items during handling.

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