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Glass vacuum lifter

Product Details:

Glass lifter widely using in transition of various kinds of hollow glass,laminated glass,raw glass and tempered glass.Air cylinder is adopted in lifting,flipping and rotation of equipment.


Operating Details

Replace the battery

To remove the battery pack from the main body of the device, slide forward, then lift the tool and remove it from the cell. Replace the attached battery pack, insert it into the cell, then slide it back and place it in place

The battery

The new battery has been partly charged at the factory, and must be fully charged at one time before the device is used for the first time. When the battery is fully charged, the device’s motor can run for 1.5 hours, and it takes about two hours to go from empty to full.

Hazard: Make sure the charger matches the power voltage and the data on the product nameplate
Charger can only be used in dry conditions. The charger is not waterproof.
Danger: Keep away from luminous objects

The battery can be recharged at any time without reducing its service life. The battery charger detects the charging of the battery and charges it with the best current.

Note: Interrupting the charging process will not damage the battery.

1. Connect the power plug of the battery charger to the power outlet

2. Connect the charger to the battery

When the battery is connected to the charger, it will start charging, and stop charging automatically when the battery is full.

Note: Turn off the battery when the battery is low to avoid damage to the suspended material
△ Please note whether the charging voltage is consistent with the requirements of the charger
After placing the lifterboy on the surface of the target workpiece, the adsorption process can begin.

3. Press the green button and the effect you want is there in a second.

When lifting smooth materials such as glass, ceramic tile and marble, once the seal is formed, there is no need to turn off the green power button. The vacuum pump will start when the pressure is insufficient and stop automatically when reaching the preset vacuum upper limit, so as to realize the purpose of power saving and effectively extend the working time. On a smooth and dense sheet, the time from stop to start is generally not less than 15 seconds

When lifting slightly porous materials such as wood, plasterboard, mixed soil or cardboard, ensure that the equipment motor is kept on during lifting. The vacuum pump may be frequently started when grabbing these workpieces to ensure internal pressure in the system

Note: When using on smooth and compact workpieces, if starting frequency occurs, please check for tight wear or leakage of other seals

4. When you are finished, press the purple button to break the seal and release the item

Note; When the power button is pressed and turned off for 15 seconds, the system will automatically cut off the battery power supply and the battery will enter the body sleep state. When the power switch is started again, the battery will automatically restore power supply



Q1: Are you a manufacturer?
A1: Yes, we are main manufacturer in the field of lifting and vacuum transport technology to solve problems in industrial plants for more than 10 years.

Q2: What industries are your machines apply to?
A2: Vacuum lifters in selected industry like logistics, wood, glass, metal, automotive. And for this Glasslifter, it is mainly for glass.

Q3:What’s the payload and the material size specifications?
A3:Glasslifter series has 4 models, including capacity 400kg, 600kg, 800kg, 1000kg. And it is suitable for material, from 810mm*860mm min to 2900mm*3900mmmax.
(To considering the effect of plate span and gravity, for reference only)

Q4:How do you guarantee safety?
A4 : Vacuum lifters are the ideal way to make production processes and transports easier. Easytech have made every effect to increased safety with opticalacoustical safety unit accordingly, long-life, high-quality systems and components. Glass lifter has equipped with vacuum accumulator, can hold vacuum pressure to promise also safe in case of power failure.

Q5:Can you manufacture a machine as client’s requirements?
A5: Yes, Easytech have strong product development capabilities and engineering design strength. In Easytech, we shall help you find or customized the right product for every site and application that helps you reduce effort, makes your work safe and easy and saves time and money. And we can accept OEM and ODM.

Q6:What’s your lead time?
A6:It is 3-7 working days for standard type, and to be confirmed for customized type.

Q7:How to assemble the machine? How to use? Do you have any support?
A7: The Glass lifter XRB-G400 is packed in one complete. No need to assemble. For another 3 models like XRB-G600, XRB-G800, XRB-G1000, just suction pads need to be assembled, and it is designed for quick change system. Assembling instructions, Video, and on-line support is available.

Q8: What’s your warranty for your machines?
A8:12months. Components can be replaced for free within guarantee period and freight cost at customer’s side.


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