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Mobile Vacuum Lifter

Product Details:

The machine was designed as automatic moving, two-hand operation, quick-swift handling machine for materials below 35 kg, such as carton boxes, sacks, panels and other materials. The machine was composed of vacuum lifter, auto-controlled extension column, articulated arm crane and auto-moving unit; it could be used indoors such as warehouses and workshops or outdoors such as square stone paving etc, the machine also could be optioned for AC power supply applied for different working request


Main performance:

Capacity: 35kg for semi-porous materials or 40kg for dense materials

Crane: two joints articulated arm

Maximum arm length: 1100mm on folded, 2000mm on full extended

Main power: AC24V, input power AC220V

Driving: by accelerator, maximum 5KM/hour

Uphill: 15%without load, 5% with load

Column extension distance: 500mm, lowest 2500mm, highest 3000mm

Driving: DC 24V, by accelerator

Total power consumption: 2.0KW

Gripping and lifting: Manually

Vacuum Control model: motor driving-like controller

Maximum lifter working stroke: 1700mm, column extension 500mm,totally 2300mm

Main joint rotation degree: 180 degrees

Second joint rotating: 360º endless rotating

Spring quick plug locking for spare

Interlocking for driving and working time


Main Feature:

Two-hands control by “7” shape extension lever

Quick griping and releasing

Power lost protection

According to EN13155&pr-EN13105-1&Pr-EN13105-2

Adjustable suction cups for multiple applications and materials handling

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